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Issue 001 2009
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Up Close and Extremely Personal With Regina Askia


MM:  Hello Regina, How are you?  and very many thanks for agrreing to talk to us.

Regina: You're Welcome Omasan, and i must say that I have been keeping up with your articles on Masino and girl you got me in stitches. I like your writing style and the way you tell it like it is. Its refreshing.  And by the way, before we start let me warn you that when it comes to my personal life, I have learnt to be a little dodgy, and it has helped quench raging gossip and careless talk. That has brought me a much coveted level of peace. …..so, during the course of this interview, you will forgive me if I code like Gran ma on some issues, okay?

MM:  Okay. So let's get started and hopefully there will not be too many codes. 
First and Foremost,  Can you tell us What Bustop Is Regina Askia approaching in the journey of Life now?


 Regina: I am in the medical field aiming to become a Nurse Practitioner  (anaesthetist) soon as I pass the boards next year. I know doctors make a lot more money but I have always been a social butterfly. I love to work with and care for people.  The death of health care professionals in Nigeria breaks my heart and I hope to have a practice there someday.  In the mean time I go to school,, teach AP Biology, and raise three beautiful children. How that works is something you already know. Give it up to the Supermoms’ people. Ma sister, it isn’t easy but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us ….


What Bus-Stop would u say u Missed?.. If any at all

Regina: You know there is no place for something like that with women like us. Miss what? It’s got to be only what we did not want. Okay let me speak for myself. I really have no regrets. I mean there are some situations I could have handled better but I guess as we grow up we experience the learning process.  As a little girl I wrote in my notebook all the things I wanted to do and somehow one after the other they have been done and  I thank God. That is not to say I have reached the end of my BUCKET LIST but there .These days I look at my kids and laugh. I say “Child there is nothing you are going to do that mom doesn’t know….I have been there, done that. 


MM: Your Kids, husband and career...do we have the Virtuous woman thing going on here?...How do u juggle em


Regina:   LOL ……. Remember I said there will be some coding during this interview, so now let the coding begin. My one simple formula is” Give it your best shot and leave the rest to God’ so whatever works from that equation is what I will take. I am lucky that I am in the education sector (at least part time) so I understand the school system requirement for the different grade levels. So as far as curriculum goes the kids are covered and I’m blessed to have really bright kids.


Like every other person I do the Mommy runs, basketball, dance practice, taekwondo classes, but all are available at the local YMCA so its easier. I do the aerobics and dance the zumba, then swim at least thrice a week to stay fit. Girl if someone had told you back then that Regina would have to exercise…wouldn’t you have laughed out loud………I can so hear some readers musing what about the husband. He is fine..oooo,  world people, We will code that one for now. As per virtuous woman, of course I am one aren’t you? Who isn’t.  Next question please


MM:  I know recently, that your facebook account was hacked into unfortunately, and you were a porn star for a minute. What was that like, I mean the Invasion of your privacy?

Regina: Hey wey? Porn star for a minute …Please I cant stop laughing. I mean I have a hot body……but eh, its really not for public consumption ? Come on now? Who ever has had the fortune or misfortune of seeing it has not been the same again…..


MM: So, What would be your asking price for a full frontal nude scene in reality?

FULL FRONTAL …. MASINO….I know I’m in America but ah ah my sister Kilode?  Ehen, I never reach that bus stop sha….. Omasan remember when we took pictures on the beach I think it was lekki to make calendars. We didn’t have jolopo (spare tyre) that time oh. I would love to have that calendar, don’t know what I did with mine. Anyway I have attached a full frontal photo free of charge. Cheers 


MM: See the progress of Nollywood now and then... we have come a long way. Kudos to pioneers such as yourself.  Where do u figure the Industry needs Improvement? And What do you think is stopping us attaining 'Bollywood' standards.?

Regina: Nollywood…….Boy did I have fun?  I can tell you that as the world takes full flight in cutting edge technology its kind of stupid for Nollywood to dwell on poison and witches. Since story lines reflect the society where it is birthed such stories make us look really daft. If the story lines are tweaked to at least have an intelligent approach, explain the science of the witches or adopt a star trek strategy….would be a welcome relief. 

Over all they are really trying with the little resources they have. With the participation of Nigerians who have lived in advanced nations things will look up and three cheers to Nollywood. They made it or should I say that they will make it  against all odds. The sheer will and drive of NIGERIANS is incomparable that’s why I know NOLLYWOOD is here to stay  

MM: They say 'once a beauty Queen always a beauty queen'....Discuss MBGIN or any other crown you adorned in a few words. Anything you desire.

Regina: Once a Queen ALWAYS a queen. And I’m not just quoting a cliché. Back in the day as secular as our society is, it had to take sheer guts and unshakable confidence to go up there strutt your stuff and say your piece.  For us it was not just conversation, you were watched through your stay at camp for attitude, personality, style, your interaction with others; manners etc. then you had to be able to hold an intelligent conversation not to mention having to learn to bust a move.

Now what does all that do to you ? For me I could walk into Buckingham with a smile and have dinner with the queen, I mean …as our peeps would say NO SHAKINGS. At the same time I can hold a conversation with the brothers in AJ city or Brooklyn.  It makes you really BOLD I guess is what I’m trying to say. I went to Obama’s office in Washington DC when he was still “the senator “to invite him to speak at a fashion show I organized at Lehman college in the Bronx unfortunately he was off touring Africa.

I had wanted him to speak on ways Africans in the Diaspora could collaborate with home to establish grassroots programs to help break the cycle of intractable poverty. If everyone (foreign investor) by passed the middle men and set up much needed social amenities for the grassroots aka Oprah, can u imagine…. I still firmly believe that Uniting the divided house of Africa is the one sure way out of the woods for the mother continent……….I’m sorry  I digressed … (Laughs)

Another thing the pageant did for me was help shape a world view. I travelled all over the place and boy was that fun. Even after the pageant I developed a taste for frequent flyer moves but the “arrival of babies” slowed me down.  I have learnt several languages because I developed an interest after visiting these places and followed up by learning them in school. Of course there will always be a down side to anything good, the prowlers and shady characters out to take advantage of young girls, but we must not throw the baby out with the bath water, we must extract the good and eradicate the bad.


MM: Keeping Fit and Healthy Living. What works for you, Regina.?


Regina:   It all begins with what you eat.   Salad , vegetable salads. . .work for me.  Prune juice is a staple in my kitty. Need to keep the plumbing clean. I eat a lot of fruits and whole bran for breakfast .  Salad for lunch and I have an early dinner at 6. I snack on Cherries and any other fruits. I had to pull the plug on Afang fufu  and washing  down with Guinness,  goat pepper soup men I can almost smell them but NO.  MUST BE STRONG.. Ah …the torture, next question

MM:  What is the one make-up item you will never leave home without?

Regina:  My one piece of make up …Let’s make that two please (laughs). Oil control lotion and Mascara. I’m lucky with my skin, all I need to do is not allow my face to shine….because I look sad when I have that oily sheen on my face.

My eyes are still drawing compliments so I enhance  the lashes with mascara. Make no mistake I run the whole gamut of skincare, age fighting moisturisers etc. I kind of like the fresh naked face look. (I am a Mary Kay beauty Consultant and I just love those products) Check it out on my website www.reginaaskiawilliams.com

MM: Your hero?  Johnny Depp or Denzel Washington Hollywood star crush?

Funny you should mention Denzel  Washington as a star crush. Girl I told my hubby that the day I run into this guy, we will take a break for maybe a week. He said sure just ask him to leave the check on his way out…..Gosh anyway his star crush is long. He says the break would have to be one month.  Okay, since she has no money to leave on her way out what we gonna do……., beat her bony legs I guess.


MM: What is your best love making position?

Regina: Where will I get the ogboju to talk this one. I have discovered so many things here in america my dear,  your article fit catch fire…., for starters my dear gotta go down town with your fingers working hard uptown………only after that  will I dance…….make we leave that side  abeg but I will add before we go, God bless america 

MM:  Where would you say is your favourite Vacation Spot


My favourite vacation spot is at hubby’s hotel at the Dominican Republic. Some beautiful and peaceful scenery out there just makes you say God I could die here……..when you are ready of course.

MM:  What would you wear? G Strings or Comfy Panties….


Regina: Sexy underwear?. Of course, the edibles, the bunnies, corsets …etc.  I love the edibles when we are at it . Toppings include whip cream in chocolate or vanilla flavor. When its necessary I wear lacy briefs (shorts) I go commado in my jeans. Im also a shoe freak. Nice high heeled shoes please…thank you.


MM: What three words would you like engraved on your place of rest

Regina: At my place of rest hopefully when I’m all wrinkled in the butt I would like to have engraved “Love conquered all”

MM:  A word to your thousands of Fans


To my fans,  I love you guys. Thanks for the love and appreciation people. My advice to you  “SEIZE LIFE BY THE HORNS” and have fun while at it


MM:  Thanks Regina for your time.


Regina: Thanks Omasan, peace out

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